Umbraco Hosting Plans

We are convinced you will be amazed with the simplicity and performance of our Umbraco hosting. Sign up now and be online in seconds, no configuration, no fuss and for a limited time - completely free for a month.

We offer a number of Umbraco hosting plans to give you choice, flexibility and value for money. Choose from our very cost effective light package ideal for a simple Umbraco website to our Gold package, perfect for larger and more demanding sites.

Whichever package you choose you can rest assured it is running on low contended optimised hardware, configured for peak performance. Try it now, free for a month with absolutely no commitment or hidden charges, simply cancel anytime in your trial period and you won't be charged a penny.

Light Standard Gold
ContractNo minimum term, cancel at any time and make no further payments.
Trial Free for a month on all Umbraco hosting
Price per month Equivalent to £3
for the first
13 months!
Sign Up
Sign Up
Price per annum £39
Sign Up
Sign Up
Sign Up
SetupFree FreeFree
File Space250 MB 10 GB50 GB
Database Size150 MB 2 GB10 GB
MS SQL Server 2008 R2Y YY
Data Transfer per month1 GB 500 GB1 TB
Website Control Panel
Full control of your domains, files, FTP users,
file permissions and more
Host Headers11 5
ASP.net4.04.0 4.0
Umbraco Instances1 11
Trust LevelFull FullFull
FTP Accounts12 5
Dedicated SSLAvailable AvailableAvailable
Dedicated IP AddressAvailable AvailableAvailable
Umbraco Version7.3.1
Instant access URLY YY
SSL on instant access URLY YY
Migrate in an existing siteY YY

Website Control Panel

NEW! Our Standard and Gold hosting packages now come with Website Panel, a feature rich and established online control panel that allows full control of your hosting environment. The intuitive and easy to use interface allows you to setup or change host headers - change your primary domain or with our Gold package, run multiple website and domains in one with Umbraco multisite. You can also add or remove FTP users and reset passwords, upload and manage files directly from your browser and setup custom file permission. Managing your Umbraco instance has never been easier!

Full Trust Environment

Umbraco runs best in a full trust environment and that is exactly why all our Umbraco hosting plans use it. Every Umbraco instance we host runs in its own application pool to isolate your site for optimal performance and security.

Rock Solid Microsoft Platform

We exclusively use the Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system, IIS7.5, ASP.NET 4.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 technology for optimal performance, reliability and stability.

Resiliant Servers

We use virtual server technology to provide a resiliant highly available environment. Multiple redundant application servers provide capacity for rapid expansion and removes single points of failure. RAID and SAN technology provides high performance and reliable disk storage.

High Availability Data Centres

Our data centres utilise redundant internet connections from multiple suppliers, resiliant internal switching and networking, direct to grid power supplies backed up by on site UPS devices and diesel generators. All to ensure maximum uptime and availability.