Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect SQL Server Management Studio on my PC to my hosted database?

We take the security of our systems and our customer's data very seriously and as such run a segregated and firewalled network to ensure that only the minimum services are exposed to the internet and its potential threats. Our SQL servers are firewalled and not accessible from the internet, so it means that you can't connect to your database directly from a management tool such as SQL Management Studio. You can however perform database backup and restores, delete and recreate the database and perform user administration from our site control panel. Details of how to access this are included in your welcome email, sent when your site was first commissioned.

Can I migrate an existing Umbraco website to your Umbraco Hosting?

Yes! A large number of our existing customer have successfully migrated existing sites to our Umbraco hosting. Unfortunately we can't guarantee full compatibility as we don't know how your site has been configured and what custom code or server setting etc. are required for your site to function. A 'standard' Umbraco 4.x or later site should have a very high chance of migrating successfully. The recommended approach to migration is to restore a database backup via the website control panel and upload your site to our hosting via FTP. In the majority of cases updating the web.config file is then all that is required to make your site operational. Our support team are on hand to assist if required.

Are there any restrictions on the Umbraco packages that I can install?

None that we can think of although we haven't tested them all as there are hundreds available. We run a full trust .net 4 based environment so check the compatibility of any package you intend to use against this and the version of Umbraco you are running.

My Umbraco site uses multiple domain names, is this supported?

Yes but only on our Gold package. You can actually run multiple websites running the Umbraco multisite technology (you still only get one Umbraco instance) or simply point multiple domains at your website. Any domains you point at our hosting (use the IP address in your welcome email) will need setting up as 'aliases' via the online management site.

Are older versions of Umbraco supported?

Yes, the version automatically deployed when you sign up is shown during the sign up process and on our plans page. It is usually the latest one available or close to it. You can however overwrite this version if you wish with an existing website based on a previous version or with a vanilla installation of a previous release obtained from the Umbraco download page and uploaded to your hosting space via FTP.

I'm not in the UK, can I still use your Umbraco hosting?

Our servers are based in the UK but are accessible from anywhere in the world. All billing is handled through PayPal so if PayPal support your currency and payment method then you can purchase our hosting.

How do I change my billing details?

All billing is handled via PayPal so log into your PayPal account and update your your payment details there.

How do I cancel my Umbraco hosting?

We'd hate to see you go but if you really must simply log in to your PayPal account you use to pay for your hosting, find the recurring Payment to us and select 'cancel'. We'll get notified by PayPal and delete your hosting space (we'll drop you an email first to confirm this is what you intended). There are no tie ins, you are free to leave at anytime and your hosting will cease immediately. It should be noted we can't offer refunds of any payments made to date in the event you cancel.

You are offering a free period on your Umbraco hosting, what's the catch?

There isn't one! We've worked hard to build a hosting environment that performs well, isn't overloaded and is a doddle to set up. We want as many people as possible to try it as we're convinced you'll love it. There are no catches to the trial, unlike most similar offers there is no lock in or commitment, simply sign up, use the service and if you like it do nothing and your first payment will be taken at the end of the free trial period. If you don't wish to continue, simply cancel (you do this yourself by cancelling your PayPal payment so no complicated cancellation process) and no money will be taken.

I don't have a domain, do I need one or do you sell them?

All our Umbraco hosting packages are instantly available on a carbonsoft subdomain from the moment your site is commissioned on our servers. This is fully functional, will work over https if required and can be used as your permanent domain. If however you would prefer to use a custom domain you can't currently buy this from us but any domain purchased from a third party can be used so long as the registrar lets you update the DNS settings (we've never come across one that doesn't).

I already have a domain name registered with another provider, can I use your Umbraco hosting?

Yes, simply enter your domain name when prompted when you sign up and update the A name record of your domains DNS records to the IP address provided to you in your welcome email (this is easier than it sounds, your domain registrar will how documentation on how to do it).

Which version of Umbraco will I get if I sign up for your Umbraco hosting?

The version of Umbraco that will be automatically installed into your hosting space will be show on our plans page and when you sign up. It is usually the latest available version of within 1 or 2 released of it. You can upgrade in future however the process of doing this will depend on the changes between the relevant Umbraco releases and crucially the customisations you have made to your site. Therefore we do not provide an automated upgrade process.

What do you do about backups?

We have multiple approaches to backing up our environment to cover a number of eventualities. We perform virtual machine level backups in combination with incremental file backups. Both are performed to local infrastructure and them to an offsite location. It should be stressed though that we do this for our disaster recovery plans, we don't offer a backup restore facility for our customer who have accidentally deleted a file for example. Instead we encourage customers to take their own regular backups using the built in backup functionality of the online management portal. Its very easy to do and gives you complete control over your files and data.