Installing uBlogsy Umbraco Project

Installing uBlogsy Umbraco Project

After recently installing the Umbraco blogging project uBlogsy and reading some forum posts relating to difficulties, I decided to write this article to give a few pointers to those looking at uBlogsy for the first time.

If you are intending to install uBlogsy into your existing site, please read the integrating uBlogsy into your existing site after this article.


Getting the Umbraco project uBlogsy up and running for the first time

This guide is not intended to be a one stop all inclusive resource for advanced uBlogsy users, however, if you are installing / configuring uBlogsy for the first time, the following high level steps should help you get started:

  1. Download uBlogsy from to your local machine.
  2. Install the uBlogsy package via your Umbraco admin interface (Developer (Section) > Developer > Packages > Install local package).
  3. Initialise default nodes by creating your first post (Content (Section) > Content > Create Blog Post (Tab) > Click to create)
  4. Remove unwanted content nodes.
  5. Decide how you desire blogging folder structure (eg. flat, in year folders, in year followed by month etc.) and configure nodes.
  6. Configure email settings.
  7. Configure general settings.
  8. Customise templates, content types and style sheets.
  9. Test.


I intend to further describe areas you may want to consider when integrating uBlogsy into an existing site in a future post, so please visit again shortly or subscribe to out RSS feed (link to right) to keep updated.


Initialising the default uBlogsy nodes

If installing the uBlogsy into a blank Umbraco instance, a set of content nodes are created.  I found that when installing uBlogsy against a mature Umbraco site with existing content, these nodes are not created.

To initiate the default uBlogsy nodes, log into the Umbraco admin area then:

  1. Navigate to the "Content" section
    Umbraco Content Section
  2. Select the "Content" element
    Umbraco Content Element
  3. Select the uBlogsy "Create Blog Post" tab
    uBlogsy Create Blog Post Tab
  4.  Create your first uBlogsy blog post
    uBlogsy Create Blog Post



After installing to a blank Umbraco instance, or following the above steps, you should have a number of content nodes as follows:

uBlogsy Content Nodes


Remove unwanted default uBlogsy content nodes

Years and test posts

Included in the default uBlogsy content are a number of test blogs, so to get started, right click and delete 2010, 2011 and 2012.


Informational pages

A navigation bar is included in the package with content created under the "Pages" node, been included in the navigation.

For example, if the out of the box content is published, the "About" and "Contact" pages are rendered as follows:

uBlogsy About and Content


If you do not want these sections, simply delete the nodes and the navigation items will be deleted accordingly.


Unwanted Folder

Dependant on desired URL structure, delete the "Posts" node, as new nodes should be created to suit your requirements.


uBlogsy Email Settings

Email setting are primordially setup in two place (excluding the SMTP settings in web.config):

  1. The uBlogsy Landing page
  2. The uBlogsy Email Templates (three templates)


uBlogsy Email Settings


The uBlogsy Landing page contains some default settings under the "Contact Info" tab which can be overwritten in the Email Templates along with further setting.


uBlogsy General Settings

uBlogsy has settings in a number of places including in XML files, however, for most installs, reviewing each tab of the uBlogys Landing page, will suffice.

uBlogsy Landing Page



This article is intended to get you started on the uBlogsy package and should offer particular assistance for green field sites focused on blogs, articles etc.

For the best results with integrating into existing Umbaco sites, a deeper understanding of the uBogsy Document Types and Templates is required.  Time permitting, I intend to write some further guidance on this area in the coming weeks, so why not subscribe to our RRS feed to be alerted about this and other articles.





The integrating uBlogsy into your existing site article is now available.

Written by Richard Bowers at 23:30


Lloyd Apter said...
Hello Richard

Many thanks for this post, is this site using the Blogsy Umbraco Project?

I have installed the software on my site but I am finding it difficult to integrate the software into my sites template...

Looking very forward to your further posting on the subject.

June 28, 2012 05:32
Admin Richard Bowers (author) said...
Hello Lloyd,

This section of the site (Articles) and indeed this page is prominently driven by uBlogsy. I intend to continue the 'Integrating uBlogsy into your Umbraco site' article this evening, so hope this assists with your implementation.
Kind regards,
June 28, 2012 07:02
SMP said...
Twitter account needs to be moderated like the ublogsy. Admin wants to moderate blogs seperately and twitter sperately. Can I use Ublogsy to moderate twitter account and can I do it seperately- one for blogging and another for twitter. If so how do I do it?
September 4, 2012 07:22


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